About us:

• Camelot was founded in 2005. Since then Camelot has been developing as an educational center with the goal to bring global up-to-date standards to Chelyabinsk, Russia, and give all Camelot students tools to communicate anywhere in the world. Every graduate of Camelot center is the Person of the World, who feels no fear or boundaries to express what they feel at any moment in any place in the world where they are now.

• Camelot has been the linguistic centers chain for more than 10 years now. Five years ago we broke the borderline of the Chelyabinsk city and entered 14 towns of the Chelyabinsk region, 3 years ago Camelot spread to the neighboring Regions as well. Therefore, we are expanding and have a stable language teaching network, which gives the basis for development not only to Russian speaking teachers, but also to contracted staff from abroad. We invite, hire and educate how to teach foreigners from all over the world, as we own school buildings, own the Teaching license, and we are accredited by the Immigration Office and have the way to issue Russian visas. So, of the recent times we have become transnational with the Global Workers. Now Camelot gives jobs to more than 80 Russian and foreign teachers, being a multinational company. We are open to the world, we feel to be open and welcome English-speaking candidates to gain experience and share theirs with Camelot.

International Relationship:

Camelot is proud to announce our International Relationship sector for those interested in work in another country as a Global Worker. Our company is more than just an English Center – it is where you make connections for the rest of your life through an amazing experience.

      Why working abroad?

 Grand Challenge!

To risk to work abroad is a difficult decision, the idea of being immersed in a completely new world seems scary but at the same time this can amaze you. Once you arrived in a new country, seeking for new adventures you will also take a huge challenge trying to adapt to a new culture; it is something abstract that will demand flexibility and determination! Independence also is something you will develop through  the extension of your experience, which will bring to you many benefits – above all, strength of character.  

  Extend Your Horizons

Going abroad will open your mind and make you see at a different     angle. You will meet people who live in a different way than you do, with another mentality and principles that will make you grow learning tolerance and respect.


We are facing the world more unstable and somehow fragile; having an international professional experience will guarantee a rich resume increasing your changes to get a good job in your country. It is also a good opportunity to learn a new language: knowledge is gold in this generation. So, who knows?

During the program, you will take part in workshops in the local universities and get to know Russian culture right in the Euro-Asian region, with the local history live to learn.

You are going to work not only as an English Teacher but also as a Camp Counselor. Here you can develop skills in teaching ESL, improve even more your knowledge , learn more how working abroad can provide you thousands of opportunities for your future!

Visa Issue and Working Conditions:

•Camelot is accredited by the Immigration Office and has the way to                      issue Russian visas. Hence, you do not have to worry – we will be responsible for arranging visas and providing the global workers with the necessary documents.

Necessary Documents:

•Work Visa:

•- HIV exam with negative result

•-Invitation letter from the company (Camelot responsibility)

•- Health Insurance

•The procedure may vary according to your home country.

•For more information access the Russian Embassy Web Site.  If any doubts, send us an e-mail at 101@lc-camelot.com

•We have two types of international program for foreign teachers:

•1º You’ll be working with us for 6 months and taking part on our Talkalot weekends where we receive children and have the weekend speaking only in English. We also have games and activities with them. We believe that with some fun we can always teach the children. In fact, the learning process becomes pleasure! Camelot can also extend your stay in Russia if agreed on by the parties.

•2º You’ll be working with us for 3 months taking part in our Winter Camp and Summer Camp.

For more information regarding payment and accommodation contact us here: 101@lc-camelot.com

Trip Opportunities:


Why work in Russia?

 Russia is a brand new world, there is no country in the world like Russia. The first thing you will ask yourself is: Why Russia? The answer is right in front of you:  Why not Russia?

We have St. Petersburg, our Capital of Culture, with amazing places holding historical sites and monuments; Moscow with the Red Square – and thousands of other stunning cities are waiting for you!

•  One of the greatest things about work in Russia is the accessibility to others countries. If you are looking for a great experience as a professional and a Europe tour at the end of your program - here is the right place! We have Finland as our neighbor and the whole Europe in front of you.







Summer Camp/ Winter Camp

Our camps are more than just another camp for children; we are searching for innovation, social skills and all of this in English. It is scientifically proved that most children have the ability to learn more than one language, which is why Summer Camp and Winter Camp as well as Talkalot are important to help children in this process. The contact with foreigners from all around the world can be something unbelievable and extremely rich for a child, in the course of which they can learn and have fun at the same time.

•Being in a Camp will bring your children many benefits like:

•Successful experience and confidence: the Camp helps children to build self-esteem. But why? Due to the fact that they will be in a different environment from the academic, where the athletic and social competition shapes their lives. In this different environment, they will be able to discover new things about themselves, gain flexibility by the encouragement that they will receive.

•Summer Camp Activities:

• 24 hours interaction with children

•Camping activities

•English classes

•Excursions around Ural area

•Leadership programs

•Winter Camp Activities:

• 10 days camp out in a Holiday village

•Thematic plunge with lots of fun for kids

•Unique nature sites and the snow – at your free disposal





Talkalot Program

•Camelot has as one of our products Talkalot Program.

•It is held only at weekends throughout the year in picturesque spots in the Ural Region.

•It is a two-day sample of our Summer and Winter Camp.

•We receive children and teach them in a fun way for one weekend with an International Team!

 In this program children will activities practicing their vocabulary and speaking skills. Every Year we prepare new themes for Talkalot that will help children in real life situations such as travelling, shopping and social interaction. 

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